Lara Croft To Be Immortalized Via Road Sign?

The city of Derby, UK is of course the home to Lara Croft, where she was designed by Core Design in 1996.

The city are taking suggestions for two stretches of road and one such popular choice is Lara Croft Way.
"Personally I would be in favor of something that projects something new and modern about the city so I quite like the Lara Croft idea," said John Forkin, the director of Marketing Derby.</blockquote>

Other choices take a more historical route - Florence Nightingale Way and Rolls Royce Way. Given the worldwide popularity of Lara Croft we would be surprised if they didn't go for the name. Not that we're undermining Florence Nightingale or Rolls Royce. Y'know, we're just saying. Lara Croft is a massive Derbyshire export.