Sony's Newly Announced Minis Service Is Already Seeing A Migration Of iPhone Developers.

With Sony courting enough developers to already see 50 of their newly branded sub-100MB PSP Minis released before the end of the year, the switch is already starting.

Develop are reporting that HoneySlug - a three-man London studio who have already created two games for the iPhone - have shifted their focus entirely to Sony's PSP Go. Extending that, Sony have penned a deal of exclusivity with Frima to create Zombie Tycoon, “a thinking man’s zombie game”.

Develop speculate that some of the reason developers are switching to the PSP Minis service is due to the sheer level of content getting through to the app store. With Sony overseeing content on the PSP Go, games are less likely to get "hidden" among lesser quality.

All in all, the early signs are that Sony's plan is getting them exactly where they want to be. Competitive within the small game download market. All that's left for Sony to do is ensure more people get their hands on PSPs in the first place.