Most PS3 Owners Like Turning The System On Regularly. Wii Owners, Not So.

This chart - tracked by Nielsen - targets the number of active users per console for the first half of 2009. So basically, most people who are playing their consoles every day either own an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3.

As you'll have noticed, the Wii sits way, way at the bottom! The reason for this? The console has shifted a gajillion-trillion units and not everyone uses them. Naturally. No, it has nothing to do with bad games. We're sure if the PS3 had sold as many there'd be a fair few systems in the closet. Although the PS2 did sell like a particularly tasty line of cream-cakes and still fares quite well in the charts so maybe our analogy is less concrete.

However loose the analysis, Nintendo can't be pleased. Sure their system might sell like mad but you need a decent level of interest to sell further games right? Still Sony will be content, the Playstation 2 remains relevent (and is actually still on shelves unlike the charting XBOX), whereby the Playstation 3 user-base clearly seem satisfied by the range of content on offer.