Confirmation That The Retailers Know About The Slim, Perhaps?

For those who want to cry and moan about the size of our images, we'll tell you that the screenshot lists "PLAYSTATION 3 Slim" in the product title row. That's right, PS3 Slim. Now, the first question that jumped to our lips was; why on Earth would a retailer list the PS3 Slim if it wasn't a real thing? You tell us.

Of course, the listing doesn't look like a hard thing to fake. Those with a clue in something like Visual Basic could probably knock up a pretty convincing looking retailer listing, like we see here. We question their being if they bother though.

Most  interesting is the listed release date and price. If this is indeed from Micromania's product list than they're suggesting a 299 Euro price point and a launch on September 1st. Seems like a good time to launch the thing, and let us remind the uninitiated that if the pricing were to stand at 299, it would be a full 100 Euros cheaper than the current price.

GamesCom 2009 will almost certainly hold the answers. And we'll be there for every minute of it.