New Games Coming For This System If You're Interested.

20:26 Greg Miller: I went on a secret Sony mission yesterday; I saw a bunch of their games. There's a lot of stuff going on.
28:53 Chris Roper: I think we've exhausted all the rumors. Is there anything else that we've missed?
28:56 Greg Miller: I know things. I can't say things.
28:58 Chris Roper: You know things?
29:59 Ryan Clements: Interesting.
29:01 Chris Roper: Games are coming for systems. That's what we know.
29:06 Greg Miller: New announcements coming. At least one.</blockquote>

So what could it be then? That Gran Turismo 5 announcement perhaps? Medievil III? Or Twisted Metal David Jaffe's project? Their discussion seems to hint at a GamesCom announcement of something.

Say what you will about Sony. We're not here to change your opinion on Playstation or their associated products. But Sony are powering right now. They seem to have gotten into a flow of announcement after announcement after game after game. We really don't see how any of the competing companies can catch up. As we talk there are unannounced games in development from David Jaffe, Lightbox, Studio Cambridge and, presumably, Guerrilla Games. And while we're writing about those games, the frightening fact is that Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica will have their games on the shelves and be moving on. It's like a constant machine.

It's brilliant for us Playstation 3 owners.