Gran Turismo 5 Looks Set To Release Later This Year.

While we watched the show-floor videos in awe, many of the Gran Turismo community picked apart every little detail of the game and perhaps came away a little disappointed. We don't neccessarily agree with holding a game to Godly standards — however, we can see how some might have found the demo a bit limiting. Here's the strange thing: Sony made no mention of Gran Turismo 5 in their press conference at GamesCom. Which is strange because Europe is one of the biggest territories for the game. You'd assume with a franchise like Gran Turismo, on show in its biggest territory, Sony would have made a song and dance about it. So that's why its appearance was weird.

Still, the most important thing about the game being playable at GamesCom was that Sony must be ramping up to something. With still no date confirmed, but speculation of an '09 release, a brochure handed out around GamesCom seems to point to Quarter 4 of this year. That means, we have to assume Sony are going to do a massive blow-out for Gran Turismo at TGS.

We trust Polyphony Digital will not let anyone down with Gran Turismo 5. But it looks like the wait is still on for more details. Still, we can probably assume it's coming this year, right? That in itself is massive.