The Slim Has Already Proved An Excellent Announcement For Sony As It Dominates Preorder Charts.

99 price-tag on the Playstation 3 Slim if made for "sensible business".

Speaking with VG247 during GamesCom, House commented, “If we could get to a more aggressive price point within the boundaries of sensible business, absolutely would we wish to do that?  Yes, we would.”
“We have to deal with an exchange regiment that is-what-it-is right now, and not something that we are obviously in control of. I also think, as well, that that we have - let’s not forget - a great line-up of content coming for PS3 this year that I think will be very motivating and I think what we are also trying to do - we spent a lot of time yesterday very deliberately talking about the network - talking about what we are doing to improve, refresh, and add more capabilities to the network.”</blockquote>

House also confirmed that he feels the company are in good shape for the coming winter, with tons of games and the new PSN movies service planned.

“I think, will put us in reasonably good shape for this holiday,” he said.

We don't expect Sony to make a massive dent in the console war this Holiday season, but we do assume they are going to make up a fair amount of ground. And if the Slim means Sony might be able to do a small drop next year too, well we think they have everything in place to be really aggressive in the forseeable future.