Fireworks Are Bound To Fly, And It's Unlikely They'll Be The Good Kind.

We're plugging it in and hitting the switch. And that means fireworks will fly. Literally. It wouldn't be a launch if stuff didn't... well, stuff up. We think we have everything in place to make this as smooth as possible - but this is the Internet and computers and we've all been there; it's never straight forward. If you see errors, if you get timed out pages or whatever, we apologise in advance. We hope to be up and running in a fashion by 10PM (GMT) but if stuff is still down over night, then know we'll be on the case bright and early Monday morning.

Basically we're asking for your patience while we roll this out. Oh and we also need you to sign a form for us. It's basically so that we can't get sued should we cause your computer to explode.

Seriously guys, thanks for you patience. You rock.