In this lengthy video interview, Sony's R&D God Dr. Richard Marks talks candidly about his latest game-changing invention; the Playstation Motion Controller. Most interestingly to us, Marks talks about "sub-pixel accuracy" in a 3D space — that's precision of an unbelievable degree folks.

He also talks about the controller having an analogue trigger which can be used for "squeezing" and "grabbing" objects.
"It has this analog trigger which really is a great metaphor for squeezing and grabbing. So you can grab and you can put as much pressure as you want to grab something with, which is really great for picking things up or for giving you the ability to just interact with the scene in a way that's completely different than we've been able to do before."</blockquote>

Marks also confirmed that the controller is capable of rumble, "It can give you some feedback about what's happening through rumble, which is very private and only you are getting."

The design of the controller still seems to be in the same prototype state it was in at E3. We know some people hate the way it looks right now, but we think those glowing balls look kind of fun.