Look Folks, PS3 Slims Are Actually In American Retailers. Now.

You might have recently bought a Playstation 3 Phat. You might then have heard about the Slim and decided you want that instead. What you gonna do? Well apparently in America you can just take that system right back to where you bought it and exchange it. But for obvious reasons, big retailers like Best Buy don't want you to do that.

Instead, memos circling stores are encouraging Best Buy managers to offer free games to those who enquire about this subject. Those who have bought a PS3 Phat in the past thirty days will be eligible to receive a copy of inFamous, Killzone 2 or MLB 09 The Show at the store manager's discretion.

We say, even if you have no intention of trading in for a Slim, if you've bought a PS3 from Best Buy in the past thirty days it's worth enquiring. You might get a free game out of it. Then it would be worth your time right?

Oh, and PS3 Slims are in and for sale around the USA. That's right folks. It's here.