It's Dire Times If It Means We'll Never See GRIN's Logo Again.

Not only because we know someone who used to work at Swedish outfit GRIN, but also because of the two games they've put out this year, we thought they were both pretty darn good.

Bionic Commando was a clever platform-esque shooter. Sure there were issues with the design, but we certainly had fun playing it. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate was also a really satisfying cover-based shooter that was agonisingly short. Two great games, with a few flaws. Certainly not the type of games that should be closing a studio down.

Sadly, it's being reported that GRIN's Barcelona and Gothenburg studios have been closed, with employees at the companies HQ in Stockholm being told not to show up for work.

Rumours coming from those with contacts in the studio are confirming the companies frosty future.