Valve Are Looking To Hire A Playstation 3 Team.

We know they're a small company who make their bread and butter building PC games. And as such we know those games can be ported to the XBOX 360 with ease. It does irritate us when great games don't get released on a system with an audience waiting to buy them though.

Still, it seems Valve aren't quite as down on Playstation 3 development than we'd previously thought. In fact, by reading into Joystiq's interview with Valve's Doug Lombardi, you'd be safe to assume Valve PS3 games are a case of "when" not "if".
"If you look at The Orange Box — PC: 96 on Metacritic, 360: 96 on Metacritic, PS3 like... 84 or something. That's not even close to where we are right now with the 360 and PC and the reason is people.

"We have to get people under our roof who are dedicated, talented PS3 guys and then all bets are off. We can take the same sort of strides and get the quality out of the box and offer the same support post-launch on that platform, as well."</blockquote>

Doug later goes on to conclude that Valve are always looking to hire. So hey, if you know any talented Playstation 3 coders, get them to call up Valve and start work on a Left 4 Dead port.