Is The PS3 Slim Coming In August With Madden?

The Madden games are a big deal in the US and August is just close enough to the end of the summer and the start of the Holiday season to make a Playstation 3 Slim bundle a massive marketing attack from Sony. According to the 1-Up Podcast it could happen.

David Ellis suggested on the 1-Up podcast that the PS3 Slim “is gonna be in August. Everything I’ve heard says it’s coming in August, it’s tied with Madden.”

Madden launches August 14th in the US, just days before Sony's 3-hour conference at the GamesCon event in Europe. Many expect the PS3 Slim to be announced at the event or the Tokyo Game Show.

Ellis also speculated that the reason for Activision's threats were because Sony had opted to bundle the new console with an EA title rather than an Activision one.

While it would certainly be a massive marketing event for Sony in the US, we trying to understand how this could benefit the rest of the world. A PS3 Slim Fifa bundle would have a similar effect in Europe, but would mean a wait until October — freezing standard Playstation 3 sales in the region.