Jack Tretton Just Wants To Remind You That He's Not Interested In Price Cuts. Yet.

You read them everyday because we type them everyday. It's everyone's favourite topic. Never mind the games. Let's talk price cuts!

Speaking with the Fast Company, Sony's Jack Tretton wanted to address price cut discussion, namely the fact that the PS3 is designed with a 10 year life span in mind.
"People are having short-term thinking – the platform is not even three years old. It was $599; it's now $399," he said

"The focus on pricing is something we appreciate, but you have to have the conviction and the confidence that you are on the right path for the long term and ultimately you'll get all the consumers you want. You won't get them all day one, but we're looking to get them over a 10-year period. It's going to take different things to get different consumers."</blockquote>

Tretton concluded that Sony could have simply pumped out a slightly beefed up PS2, a system that would have been cheaper but wouldn't have served the lifespan that Sony are promising.