Split/Second on Playstation 3 Blow-Out Preview.

The game had an impressive E3 showing, surprising many journalists with its quality and cinematic nature.

We take a quick look at the Disney published racing game that set to bring action to the racing genre when it releases early next year.

  • Reality TV. Much like the classic 3DO title MegaRace, players compete in a fictional Reality TV series in Split/Second. Participants are competing mainly for cash and fame. The game is broken up into various seasons with 24 episodes each. Each episode contains three races.
  • "Powerplay Meter". Performing stunts and generally driving wrecklessly will allow players to build up there "Powerplay Meter". This will allow players to trigger special events such as creating obstacles for other players, shortcuts and even altering the track entirely. Such triggers can also be activated by oppponent drivers making the races rather intense, competitive affairs. Triggered events range from aeroplane crashes and building collapses. The HUD which allows players to see what is happening is positioned near to the car, leaving room on the screen for the cinematic events to occur.
  • Multiplayer. The game will include online and offline multiplayer but not much is known about how much the "Powerplay" meter will come into play here. We're hoping that the same cinematic events from the singleplayer races will occur in the multiplayer too.