Gran Turismo PSP on Playstation Portable Blow-Out Preview.

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile was announced as one of the flag-ship titles of the original PSP but dropped off the radar. Set to commemorate the launch of the PSP Go this October 1st, Gran Turismo PSP will provide plenty of on-the-go content for fans of the franchise.

We take a look at what you can expect from the game when it releases in just a few months time.

  • Content. Gran Turismo PSP will feature over 800 cars, a whopping number of vehicles that trumps the Playstation 2's Gran Turismo 4 by 100. Ferrari will make an appearance as confirmed via the game's trailer which showcased a red Enzo. There will be 35 tracks included with over 60 possible layouts. No mentions of DLC tracks/vehicles have been made, but it's something that certainly seems possible.
  • Driving missions. Unlike Gran Turismo 4's open-map type setting, Gran Turismo PSP will focus on a series of increasingly difficult driving challenges which will enable players to unlock cars as they play.
  • Ad-hoc multiplayer. Sadly Gran Turismo PSP will not feature any online multiplayer modes, instead opting for ad-hoc multiplayer. Online play will only be supported via the free PS3 download "adhoc Party", which tricks the PSP into thinking there are people in the room with you. Alas, adhoc Party is yet to see a Western release.
  • Performance. As the unofficial PSP Go "Launch Title", Gran Turismo PSP will be available as a download via the Playstation Store. However, series designer Kazunori Yamauchi was quick to quell thoughts that it would be a stripped down Gran Turismo game. He claimed that while the game will be under 1GB in size, it will run at 60FPS.