Nolan North, a.k.a. Mr. Nathan Drake.

When asked about the subject of ad-libbing during an Uncharted 2 panel yesterday, Nathan Drake's voice actor Nolan North gave a suspicious smile to creative director Amy Henning and asked, " "Is it okay to discuss KGW?"

Basically the story goes that Nolan and his son Cooper were playing Wii Sports Tennis. Following a loss Nolan was taunted by his 8-year old son, "Awww, kitty got wet." Catchphrases come from the strangest of places.

Still, because of the nature of his son's comment, Nolan questioned the origins of the statement.

"He told me he had just made it up. Kitties don't like getting wet. He thought he was in trouble, but I gave him a big hug. The next time I was in recording dialog for punches I was like "Bam! Kitty got wet!"

The whole point to this is, despite being possibly the best piece of ad-libbing ever, it's unlikely to make it into Uncharted 2 the game. Which we simply can't abide. We can imagine Nathan Drake saying something like "kitty got wet" and frankly it would be hilarious.

Please Naughty Dog. We've gone to the trouble of typing out this otherwise pointless piece now. Please put the phrase in the game. Or even better yet - name a trophy after the it.