Want To Take Photos Like This? Better Play Afrika Then.

We know it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it something we wanted on store shelves to at the very least try for ourselves. We get really bored with the "typical" releases y'see. With Natsume releasing the game in America - no word on Europe yet - at the very least we know there'll be an English language version of the photography game. Pricing is providing a tricky subject for Natsume however, given Afrika's wonderful production values.
"We are not so interested in the so-called 'value' titles," Yasuhiro Maekawa explained to Gamasutra. "Most of the Natsume games I'd say are about in the middle. Sort of normal retail price titles with normal graphical levels."

"For a PlayStation 3 title, this will probably be $49.99. That's what we're thinking. Between $39.99 and $49.99. $59.99 is probably too much."</blockquote>

There's one thing for sure, if no European announcements are made, we'll be importing this game.