Quantum Looks Like It's Going To Use Every Inch Of The Playstation 3's Hardware.

A strange turn of events seeing as in the past the team we very much taken with Microsoft's XBOX.

The reason for that? "The PS3 [is] the hardware with the highest specs," reckons Quantum director Makoto Shibata.
"It's not that Tecmo is shifting away from the Xbox 360. It's about timing. From the beginning this [Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2] was seen as a PS3 title and it happens to be coming out at the same time as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2."</blockquote>

So there you have it. Tecmo are making Playstation 3 games just now. And by all accounts it looks like they're going to rock. We can't wait to go hands on with both Quantum and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.