Gran Turismo - Apparently Not The Definitive Racing Game Anymore. Snigger.

Coming from the development team behind Forza 3's blog, they said of the event this:
Perhaps the most surprising to me was when a couple developers from Gran Turismo makers Polyphony Digital came by to personally get hands-on with Forza 3, all the while taking careful notes, examining our UI system, shooting photos, and directly asking us some pretty interesting questions. The reason I say I was personally surprised was because PD aren't generally known as a studio to acknowledge that there are racing games that exist beyond their own. Which could explain why the GT franchise has been so stagnant in the racing genre since GT3. So it seems competition is good for the consumer after all.</blockquote>

We're certain there was no need for the claws to come out. Particularly when Polyphony Digital essentially paved the market for Forza to exist in. Alas, after hearing them claim Forza was the "definitive racing game" over and over - we sense some hypocrisy. Polyphony Digital refusing to accept that there "are racing games that exist beyond their own"?

Heed your own words Turn 10.