My Aaron Greenberg Appreciation Went Up A Notch With That Quote.

We prefer it when companies say nothing about each other, but if they're going to talk, at the very least be respectful. And that's exactly what Aaron Greenberg has been in an interview with Major Nelson. Despite claiming the Microsoft show historic, he also mentions his thoughts on Sony's press conference.
“A lot of people thought it was the best E3 we’ve ever had, I definitely think it was historic. We dreamed of opening with The Beatles and closing with Steven Spielberg and it happened.”

“E3, I think, returned to all it’s glory,” Greenberg continued. “[However], it was the first year in maybe five years that I couldn’t get to the Sony and Nintendo conferences.

“I watched on TV both of them in their entirety but yeah, it was insane. I sent one of my staff and he reported back and yeah, it was good, I thought they had a good show, I think Sony did a good job.

“I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but I’m pretty open in that I own a PS3 and I play games on it: I’m a gamer.”</blockquote>

Well done Mr. Greenberg for rising above the bickering and saying something nice about the competition. At the end of the day Sony can improve by watching what Microsoft and Nintendo do, and vice versa. Competition is a good thing.