Forget Trophies On Your PSP, Hackers Have Ruined The Possibility.

We didn't think it would be a focus, just a quick aside, but we expected it all the same. Trophies on PSP. Seems like Joystiq expected it too, but they were told it's flat-out not happening when they asked.

The interviewee, Eric Lempel - director of PSN operations - cited "a few reasons" for this. Mainly because those who hack their PSP's would be able to artificially inflate their trophy score, ruining the experience of trophies for PSN users in general.

We understand his reasoning but we're just pissed off at once again coming off worse than the pirates. We suppose you could blame Sony for making such an easily hackable system, but really, we'd much rather blame the pirates for having such low morals and ruining everything for those of us who, you know, buy our games!