Big Surf Island Will Add A Whole New Island To The Burnout Paradise Map.

At just $12.99 (€12.99 in Europe, £9.99 UK) it seems like Criterion have learned from their mistakes on earlier DLC and really want to make this thing available to everyone.

Alongside the price leak, eagle-eyed readers also happened upon some trophy information, which you can read after the jump.

But it added 10 new Trophies, three silver and seven bronze, bringing the total in Burnout Paradise on the PS3 to 98. They are:
Drive through 20 Island Smash Gates
Smash 15 Island Billboards
Land 5 Island Mega-Jumps
Jump through Deese's Donut
4.5 seconds of Crash TV Air Time
Complete a 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park
Complete your first Island Tour
Find all Island Events
Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges
Smash all 45 Island Billboards</blockquote>

Colour us extremely excited for this one.