Bionic Commando Doesn't Quite Set The Charts On Fire.

With Wanted: Weapons Of Fate and Terminator Salvation clearly being GRIN's side-show releases, many expected Bionic Commando to be their big seller; especially when they totally reignited the franchise with Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Apparently not though, as their re-imagining of Capcom's classic only sold 27,000 units in May. Thankfully the game was only on store shelves for 2 weeks in the month, so hopefully things will pick up throughout June. It's certainly sad news to see the game not make an initial impression, especially when you consider Bionic Commando is a classic Capcom franchise and the game was outsold nearly double by Terminator Salvation.

We thought Bionic Commando was really good. You should buy it.