"Hi, I'm Megan Fox. Everyone Thinks I'm Really Good. Except PushSquare.com!"

Firstly, hot as she may be, does anyone really want Megan Fox to play Lara Croft? Can you imagine the British accent and terrible acting? We're not trying to claim that the Angelina Jolie movies were good by any stretch, but at least she's a competent enough actress to tackle the part. Megan Fox - less so.

Alas, the rumours that Megan Fox will be reprising Angelina Jolie's role won't seem to go away. And it's pissing Miss. Jolie off. In fact, she's annoyed to the point where she's getting her claws out and claiming Miss. Fox of "copying" her style.

Whatever ladies. Seriously though, we hope there's not another Tomb Raider movie. Unless they actually get a British girl to play a British part for goodness sake!