We're Sure Japan Are Ready For More Of This.

The game however has managed to be a huge success without Western sales mind. Over a half a million people in Japan own the game making it a rip-roaring success.

Enough for another entry in the series, which Toshihiro Nagoshi claims will not neccessarily be a direct sequel:
"For example if main character Kiryu Kazuma went to outer space or fought zombies, I think fans would accept that and say, 'I get it.'"

"It's not KENZAN 2. I want to create a new style of game set in contemporary surroundings."</blockquote>

The game is presumably very early into development, however it has been confirmed the game will continue withYakuza's Playstation-exclusivity:
"This title will be a PLAYSTATION 3 game," says Nagoshi.</blockquote>

Now about Yakuza 3 coming out in the West...