Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Gets Patched.

The update includes new microbadges and some fixes to the gameplay. You can find the full list after the jump.

How do I download the update?

To download the update, ensure that your PLAYSTATION®3 is connected to PlayStation®Network and then insert the Blu-ray Disc and/or run the game, and accept the download when prompted.
You will need to download the update to be able to access the online sections of the game.

What’s in the update?

> 40 unique Microbadges for every player to collect.
Earn them for a wide variety of accomplishments and show them off to every other racer online!

> Sugar Rush short-cut removed.
The short-cut which by-passes the sugar field was not intentionally included and has been removed.

> Sugar Rush respawn point fixed.
Crashing at a certain point on the track no longer respawns the vehicle in a generous position.

> Additional fixes and improvements to gameplay.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on MotorStorm Pacific Rift so far: we are still investigating the other issues that have been brought to our attention.