Killzone 2 To Receive New "High Precision" Controls.

We loved them, it gave the game some personality. But, y'know, they weren't for everyone unfortunately. Hence why a new patch for the game will namby-pamby those who just can't adjust.
When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It's not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the ‘weight' of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we've decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing [span.tagautolink autolink]Killzone 2[/span] players will have the option turned off by default after patching – we wouldn't want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!</blockquote>

We're glad they've kept the original controls in there. Hopefully this makes everyone happy.