Rock Band Unplugged on Playstation Portable Hands-On Impressions.

Oh, and there's not really any electronic music either. Hell no, commercial rock all the way. Ahem.

Kicking it with Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" (we can tolerate that song) we found ourselves using the left and up button alongside Triangle and Circle to trigger chords, beats and vocal hooks. Much like Amplitude you use the L and R buttons to switch between track lanes, maximising your score and pumping out drums, bass, guitar or vocals. The audio is mixed really well, making the instrument you're playing stand out prominently.

With a range of different difficulties settings, we found ourselves fairly easily running our way through Normal, but tuned up a notch to Hard we were missing notes left, right and centre. Practice required.

All in all though Rock Band Unplugged feels pretty neat. With DLC planned and a ton of tracks already announced, we imagine this might help us nod our way through exasperating train journeys.