Heavy Rain Blow Out - Everything We Know.

Our hype builds from the tid-bits we've seen in the past, the concept art and our undying love for Fahrenheit. But what of Quantic Dream's latest noire thriller? We investigate everything you need to know about this Winter's hottest Playstation 3 exclusive:

  • Heavy Rain will have four playable characters.
  • One such character is Norman Jayden, a 29 year-old drug-addicted FBI agent who looks a bit like Keanu reeves.
  • You'll interact with the environment via a series of button presses. However, these will change depending on the state of your character - if they are nervous, things will be blurred; a metaphor for the mind panic no doubt.
  • Jayden has ARI ("Added Reality Interface") glasses, which allow him to see various clues around the environment, such as blue paint and traces of blood that lead to a dead body.
  • Multiple events can lead to multiple outcomes. In the trailer, the player ends up getting beaten up and inside a wrecked car. There are numerous outcomes to the scene, depending on the player's reactions.
  • Movement is controlled by holding R2 and moving the players head.
  • The game's other characters are called Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby, and Madison Paige. They are being kept quiet for now.