Jaffe's Internal Email Talks About Some Issues Within The Prototype Of The Game.

We love his honesty and respect his opinion. He's just an all around cool guy who just so happens to make awesome games.

Which is why our hype is literally through the roof for his next title - which we're going to go out there and just say it's Twisted Metal - and are literally chomping at the bit for more information.

Thankfully, in typical Jaffe-style, he's posted an internal email between himself and other Eat Sleep Play members regarding the game in which he talks about improvements that could be made to "dragging [the character] behind the car" and also on-foot animations. He claims the game needs to feel like an "action movie".

We're going to predict that this is Twisted Metal, Open World style. But we'll have to wait and see. How about posting some more for us to ponder over Jaffe?