The Curtains Metaphorically Close On The Shenmue Saga, Once And For All.

In fact, we've always secretly harboured high hopes that SEGA would announce a Playstation 3 iteration, what with the Yakuza series faring so well on Sony's black behemoth.

Sadly, with the news of Yu Suzuki's retirement, comes the damning realisation that it's not going to happen. Suzuki, whose job position was once "creative officer", was the mastermind behind SEGA classics such as Virtua Fighter, Hang-On and, of course, Shenmue. While his retirment will still leave him with some influence at SEGA, Gamespot report his role will be of "diminished capacity".

We will always believe in Shenmue III. However, perhaps it's finally time to light a candle for what, we think, is one of the greatest unfinished stories in video games.

The snow will certainly turn to rain this eve. Hit the jump for memories.