Playstation 2 To Steal Wii's Market Share?

99 in the USA</a>. Sony have confirmed they are targeting the product directly against the Wii, noting both systems have "similar customers". In an economic crisis, and considering the variety of games on offer, it's a shrewd business move for Sony to make. However, we can't help but think they're a bit optimistic thinking the PS2 is going to be a serious contender for the Wii.
"Yes, we do think the $99 price point could steal some share [from Wii]," SCEA's John Koller said. "From a technological standpoint, the Wii is much closer to the PS2 than it is to the next-gen consoles. It's obviously not an HD box and the software development is on a par with where PS2 development is, so that's a much more realistic and similar demographic."</blockquote>

The problem is, the Wii is a buzz word. And the PS2 no longer is. Still, if you ever wanted a chance to play all the PS2 classics, I guess now is the time.

Analysts agree. They predict Playstation 2 sales will be up 30% and maintain an 18% market share. However, analysts also believe that those waiting for the PS2 price drop are cost-conscious and thus are more likely to buy games from the bargain bin — not helping new release sales.