The PSP Rules Supreme Over The DSi In Japan.

So brilliantly in fact that the PSP managed to squeeze out Nintendo's  handheld the DSi. Even if it was by just 213 units.

It's an impressive feat for Sony, who have been having a slightly rougher time in the USA for a while now. To top the cake off though, the Playstation 3 managed another week above the Wii, with the XBOX 360 floundering at the bottom of the charts.

Of course, when you factor in DS Lite sales with the DSi, Nintendo reigned supreme. Alas, it's still impressive for Sony to be outselling a relative new console.

  • PSP – 40,886
  • DSi – 40,673
  • PS3 – 16,701
  • Wii – 13,349
  • Xbox 360 – 10,134
  • DS Lite – 6,869
  • PS2 – 4,531

High-fives all around at Sony Japan then eh?