Are Sony Cooking Up Their Own Cloud Computing Ideas?

To explain it to you exceedingly fast, basically, instead of having a games console in your house running your games, OnLive is a small video decoding box that downloads the video of a game being played from a supercomputer. So essentially, all the processing of your gameplaying is done in some crazy office (we imagine it would look somewhat like Dexter's Lab), allowing you to simply sit and playthrough the game. The advantage of this is that you're able to play games running at absolute top form, without ever needing to upgrade your hardware. The disadvantage is, it probably won't work very well.

Seems Sony think it's quite a good idea though. They've trademarked "PS Cloud" which is "for use with a cloud computing data center management software, communications software, broadcasting services, and a long list of other terms."

Sony could utilize the technology in numerous ways so it will be interesting to hear their plans in the future.