Playstation 3 In For Its Next Price Drop Later This Month?

com</a> via an overhead conversation (we know!), March 22nd is the day the PS3 will get its price-cut.

We quote:
"Last night one of community members was in an EB Games store and an employee mentioned a PS3 price drop occuring Sunday March 22nd just in advance of the Game Developer's Conference (GDC). He went on to say that Sony will be issuing a press release on the Saturday before the drop and that EB was already prepared for the upcoming price-drop.

"The current "rumor" is that the PlayStation 3 80GB console will retail for USD $300. That would be a $99 price reduction in the console, bringing it closer to reach for many gamers. However, be prepared for Sony to refuse to comment or straight out say this is untrue, it wouldn't be the first time they've pulled that stunt. It's in Sony's best interest to hide the price drop from gamers because we'll halt purchasing of the PS3 until the price drop occurs."</blockquote>

$100 seems like a big drop to us, we would have put our money on two staggered $50 drops this year, but what do we know? (answer - a lot). We'll keep our eyes and ears peeled for you if something comes of this.

UPDATE @ 19:40GMT: According to Joystiq the PS3 will be getting a new bundle as opposed to a price drop.