Playstation 3 Sells 2 Million In The UK.

"It's a premium product, so therefore it costs a premium price, and that does give us issues in terms of the expected sell-through that analysts and the media want," explains Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Ray Maguire, "but actually when you look at it in isolation: close to a million units in a year which is really tough, at a premium price, actually shows that's a great number."</blockquote>

Rather stating-the-obvious, Sony go on to say that they expect when the price eventually drops, sales will push up even more.
"We have potentially more longevity in PLAYSTATION 3 than we had in the previous PlayStations," Maguire added, "simply because if the price goes down we've still got a massive market place to sell in to."</blockquote>

The PSP also reached 3 million systems sold in the region.

No doubt there is some back-patting going on today in Sony's London HQ.