LittleBigPlanet Won The BAFTA For Artistic Achievement.

Why did this particular category hold so much significance though? "It's something I can explain to my mum and she'll understand."

As down to Earth as ever Mark went on to explain how the BAFTA win could help to garner LittleBigPlanet even more recognition. Media Molecule also claimed to be "thrilled" despite winning just the one gong out of a possible six:
"I thought we'd be lucky if we got one to be honest, because of the other games that were nominated," he told us. "I think it's a little reminder that what we do isn't so crazy after all. There's people out there who actually enjoy it and like it."</blockquote>

Mark goes on to honour the quality of the user created content, particularly PushSquare favourite LittleBigDeadSpace:
"The one that I've seen most recently that really blew me away was a homage to Dead Space. I've obviously sat down and used those tools myself, and I can see the amount of effort that's gone into that - it's amazing."</blockquote>

Well done Media Molecule!