Team Ico May Use GDC As An Avenue To Announce Their New Project.

Usually the really big announcements are saved for E3, with smaller announcements at GDC. In 2007 Sony announced Playstation Home and LittleBigPlanet at GDC, as part of Sony's focus on "Game 3.0" — or community-focused, interactive gaming.

This year we're not sure what we can expect from Sony, but we presume there will be a focus on the Playstation 3's great '09 exclusives and the PSP.

Ever the speculists, we've compiled a list of what we'd like hear about from this years GDC. Please consider, this list is purely what we'd like to know, it's possible none of our list will come to fruition during the week.

  • Heavy Rain. We're not sure whether Quantic Dream are being shipped over from Paris to San Francisco for this years GDC but we really hope they are. Given Sony's focus on innovation at GDC in the past, we'd really like to know more about this adventure title that seemingly sticks one finger up at the genre. Who's our protagonist? Roughly, what's the plot about? How is the gameplay shaping up? Will it still be out in 2009? These are all things we'd like to know.
  • Ratchet & Clank Future 2. We know Insomniac Games are going to be at GDC this year because they're due to announce some new Resistance 2 DLC. Don't get us wrong, the DLC has us highly excited, but we'd also love to hear from them again about Ratchet & Clank. Quest For Booty confirmed the game was in the works, but it's been so long without a word, we're starting to crave bolt-collecting.
  • Team Ico. It's our understanding that Sony's Ico team have been shipped out to GDC this year. Which is insanely exciting because there's a chance they might show some of their upcoming Playstation 3 project, dubbed "Ico 3" for convenience by forum-users at the moment.
  • Fat Princess. We may be wrong, but we were certain the release date for Fat Princess was some time in February. It seems the game has slipped off the radar a little so it'd be nice to get a little reminder of the fun that's about to commence in Sony's upcoming PSN download. A release date would be a bonus too.
  • More Uncharted 2/God Of War III. It's pretty much a given that Sony can steal an entire show with a new trailer or gameplay montage of either Uncharted 2 or God Of War III. It would be naive to think the games would be there, after all they might make a bigger impact at E3, but we're expecting something from Santa Monica/Naughty Dog's masterpieces.
  • MAG. We've heard nothing on MAG, Sony's ambitious 256 player war game, since E3. Surely it's time for Sony to reiterate their massive PSN plans with flagship showpiece MAG?
  • LittleBigPlanet updates. Teased by Alex Evans just yesterday, we're totally ready for Media Molecule to show off what's planned in the future for LittleBigPlanet. After loving the Metal Gear Solid patch as much as we did, we'd love to see Media Molecule take a similar route with other Sony franchises. Actually we don't care what they do, we're just hotly anticipating diving into the ever-changing world of LittleBigPlanet all over again.
  • Firmware 2.7 & Playstation Home. It's been a while since the last Sony firmware update, and since then we've heard a number of rumours about what is to come in 2.7. It would be pretty cool if Sony simply announced the 2.7 update during GDC and subsequently rolled it out on the same day. We're also curious to hear Sony's plans for Home. The social networking platform has been a bit bland since it started but a slew of a new content could fix all that.
  • PSP games. The year has been dubbed the "Year of the PSP" with so much quality content planned. We'd love to take a closer look at some of that new announced content for the PSP. We suspect that a PSP-4000 announcement would be saved until E3.
  • What's Hideo Kojima up to? We know Hideo Kojima is going to be making an appearance at this years GDC; what we don't know is what he's currently working on. The rumours are a shooter of some kind, but will it be on Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, all three or iPhone. He could be doing anything, GDC could be the avenue for an announcement.
  • Bayonetta. The crass-looking Devil May Cry-esque adventure game is shaping up fantastically in our opinion. We want more please, Platinum.

What would you like to see?