Playstation Home To Grow At A Rate Of Three Spaces Per Month.

But we suppose you've run out of stuff to do until the next set of Xi missions right? Seems like many of you are just running out of reasons to visit Home. Which is why Sony have just announced their plans to "refresh" the experience with three new spaces every month.

One such space will be a new Guitar Hero area which allows you to check out the latest trailers for the games and just chill in a cool rock club environment. A VIP area is planned, to which Activision are asking for ideas regarding what to put there.

Sony also put out some figures regarding Home, no doubt tempting publishers to support the project. Playstation Home community director Jack Buser said, "a good space will get a quarter of a million visits each week", news which will have developers chomping at the bit to "promote" their games via the service.