Wanted: Weapons Of Fate on Playstation 3 Hands-On Impressions.

You can curve your bullets, hide behind cover and sneak up on enemies. And well, that's about all we got to experience really. Hopefully the game picks up a bit in the full version because the dull, corridor based level design didn't exactly have us chomping at the bit for more.

Developed by GRIN, Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is a spin off of the Angelina Jolie movie setting events after the end of the film.

The game plays in a third-person perspective with pretty standard Uncharted style "snap-to" cover. You can quickly dash from side to side while behind cover and also dash forward. It's fairly standard fare but the mechanic works well.

The shooting works fine, but feels too much like point-and-click than genuine gunplay. This is not helped by the subpar sound design, which makes the weaponry feel weak to fire.

You can also activate curved bullets just like in the movie and graphic novel the game is based on. It's a pretty satisfying treat to pull off but it remains to be seen whether this simple mechanic can save the game from mediocrity when we try the package as a whole.