Why Doesn't The PSP Have Trophies Yet?

: Brain Of The UK</a> [expect a review in the next couple of days - Ed]. One thing we noticed was the way the game has it's own inbuilt trophy system. It's a theme that's shared by other PSP games; Resistance Retribution and No Gravity: The Plague Of The Mind spring to memory. What's stopping Sony putting trophies in all PSP games?

You can already access the Playstation Store from the PSP, you can already login to your PSN account to play online multiplayer. Heck, you can even play PS3 games on your PSP via Remote Play. Why not unlock trophies too?

There are a number of reasons that would make trophies on the PSP an excellent idea. The most prominent being the sense of unity between platforms. Not only will PSN users be able to showcase the success they've had in their Playstation 3 games at home, but what about the progress they've made on the bus/train in their PSP games? Trophies are widely considered inferior to the XBOX 360's achievements, but cross platform showcasing is something that Microsoft can't boast (well, unless you factor in the PC).

With firmware updates around the corner, and a strong focus on the PSP's games library, we can only hope Sony start to work on PSP trophies sooner rather than later. Get them in, and made standard, before the onslaught of upcoming releases drop.