PSP To Come With Glorious Touch Screen Technology?

According to IGN a "widescreen multi-touch interface" will be equipped in the upcoming PSP2. They conclude "it's on the horizon".

And that's your scoop. No photos, no patents, no "a friend of a friend of a friend" sources.

Given Sony's economic predicament, we're not expecting an announcement for a long time.

Update @ 16:21 --

Sony have downright declined the rumour:
"Clearly, being a quiet time of year, many, what we thought to be credible websites, are making up stories about PSP2, and how it allows you to teleport across the globe, travel through time, and will be powered by the horns of baby rhinoceroses," Sony explained. "Hopefully, you can sense a mild tone of sarcasm, which should hopefully indicate how 'on the money' IGN are. Needless to say, we don't comment on rumour or speculation, but this is nonsense."</blockquote>