In fact he thinks he knows a lot more than "a lot" for he appears to know everything. Fullstop.

Of course this might just be a 14-year old blogger's wet dream. He's certainly getting some hits regardless.

He (hey it might be a She) writes:

I was recently sent a pretty detailed run down of what to expect from God of War 3... This is an actual build of the game and not the trailer we're all set to see at the VGA's. I am told that it will only be a very short glimpse of what the game is going to offer and will probably be further edited down to about 20 seconds if that. He thinks it could be so edited that if you blink you might miss it... 10 seconds, even.

Sadly, I'm not able to go into as much detail here. It sucks, I know. But, at the request of the man in question and in hopes of building a better relationship with him in the future I will honor that request.

<em>What I can talk about is this:

Graphically it is going to set a new standard. Easily eclipsing the detail in Gears of War 2 and uncharted... God of War 3 is set to offer up the most cinematic experiences ever! He was over the moon about how good it looked... he said there is nothing that comes remotely close. "The detail is crafted with highest of care and the animations sell the experience like nothing you've ever seen" .

He was told that the game will be 1080P and 60FPS... He then said it was obvious the footage he seen wasn't, though. So, if they're shooting for 1080P and 60fps and haven't hit it yet that's a good thing... since the game already looks better than anything out there. This is a win for the gamers.

Kratos doesn't look like the only playable in the game. Apparently their might be someone along for the ride... His brother perhaps???

Gameplay remains somewhat the same but with tweaks that begged to be put in from the beginning. The camera is now placed much closer and everything is bigger and only on "certain" instances does the camera pan way out on you. He explained to me there are 3 new mechanics to the gameplay engine that drastically alter it for different players.

There will be an online mode... Gladiator mode and co-op are two he touched upon.

The area he has seen shows Kratos battling hordes of rotting corpses in a highly detailed cemetery. There is a a sea supplying eerie fog as the backdrop, along with dead trees and headstones. The sky has a reddish hue to it but real time storm clouds act as a blanket of night for the setting.

He said the zombies realistically came up through the ground, disruptting the dirt and clawed their way into battle. He said the detail and quality of work represented in this was something he'd never seen in a video game before. After Kratos had ripped through the onslaught of undead he comes to a tomb and a battle rages on between he and a reaper-like boss battle.

<em>Described as one of the most cinematic fights in gaming history, it came together by actual fighting, timed button presses but also another brand new mechanic he didn't elaborate on further.
He said the there will be100% be a playable demo for the PSN in the coming months ahead. Maybe sooner than later???</em>

He ended it by saying the trailer we see at the VGA's isn't going to be anything to get too excited about and will end up showcasing very little of the game. And finally, while highly impressed with how the game looks and seems to play, he said he was hoping to have seen more than the cemetery in wish he feels probably starts the game off or finds its mark shortly afterwards. He said the fighting and sheer amount of enemies on screen is unheard of and was epic enough to open up the game, but he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't toss in something even bigger than what he seen.


I do have a bit more detailed stuff to go off of here but will wait for his word on things... He is said to have snapped a few pics and how great would it be if they landed somewhere in here? I'll be back later to update.</blockquote>

All will be revealed December 14th. I'm keeping myself moderately grounded for now. Can't get too excited can I?