Sure the game is awesome, sure the tools are intuitive, but, am I really creative enough to make anything worthwhile? And given some of the levels I've played are nothing short of unbelievable the answer is probably no for a lot of us.

Like unsigned musicians and even blogs such as this - I suspect a good 80% of our creations will be lost in mediocrity because, quite simply we're not all going to be creative enough.

This post isn't meant to put you off the game though - rather it makes it all the more worthwhile for those who come up with something awesome. Like this calculator - which is impressive enough on it's own but get's more impressive when the guy goes into more detail as to how the calculator actually works: 610 switches, 500 wires and 430 pistons.

My friends to get something as simple as a calculator to work in a game like LittleBigPlanet is nothing short of ingenius. Having played the game I can tell you that while the tools are perfectly intuitive it is hard at times to see your vision turn out to be reality.

I wouldn't even know where to start building a calculator in this game but the guy above proved himself to be pretty much a genius.

Given the game hasn't actually been released yet I'm sure we're not even close to unlocking it's potential. Which in a way is almost scary.