Looking for what time does Fortnite: Wrecked release? Chapter 5 Season 3 is the latest major update in Epic Games' ginormous free-to-play gaming platform, and it’s scheduled to get underway on 24th May, 2024. But if you’ve been asking the question what time does Fortnite: Wrecked release, we’re going to reveal all the important times you need to know in this Fortnite guide.

What Time Does Fortnite: Wrecked Release?

What Time Does Fortnite: Wrecked Release? 1

Fortnite: Wrecked will be available worldwide on 24th May, 2024. Epic Games hasn't confirmed an official release time, but it has said that server maintenance will begin at 2AM EDT. If you're not sure what time that is in your country, we've included a handy guide below:

Fortnite: Wrecked Downtime Guide

  • North America: 11pm PDT / 12am MDT / 1am CDT / 2am EDT
  • UK/Ire: 7am BST
  • Europe: 8am CEST / 9am EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 3pm JST / 2pm AWST / 4pm AEST

While it can vary, Fortnite downtime usually lasts up to four hours, meaning we can make a relatively educated guess about Fortnite: Wrecked's release time. While you should stay tuned to official channels for more information, we've included the likely expected release times for Fortnite: Wrecked below:

Fortnite: Wrecked Expected Release Time Guide

  • North America: 3am PDT / 4am MDT / 5am CDT / 6am EDT
  • UK/Ire: 11am BST
  • Europe: 12pm CEST / 1pm EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 7pm JST / 6pm AWST / 8pm AEST

What New Skins and Content Will Be Included in Fortnite: Wrecked?

What Time Does Fortnite: Wrecked Release? 2

The official key art for Fortnite: Wrecked confirms a post-apocalyptic theme, with a Mad Max-style vehicular combat vibe. We already know from previous teasers that there'll be crossover content with Fallout, but the artwork also confirms that X-Men adversary Magneto will be an unlockable skin, along with a new Bright Bomber. It looks like there'll also be a Grapple Gun, while one of the characters can be seen wearing a Metallica shirt if you squint, confirming an upcoming Fortnite Festival crossover.

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