Vampyr - How to Earn XP from Combat, Quests, and Sucking Blood 1

Vampyr might ask you to spend most of your time locked in dialogue with its cast of colourful characters, but it's first and foremost an RPG. That means experience, skill systems, and upgradable weapons. However, it's also a narrative adventure like Life is Strange, so the developers have tied the two genres together by providing the best XP rewards through dialogue.

You can still earn XP in more traditional ways though, but at a much slower pace. Given that Vampyr generally plays by its own rules, we figured a guide on how to earn XP would be worth it. So in this Vampyr guide, we're going to detail all of the ways you can earn it, and help you develop an efficient strategy so you can handle whatever the combat throws at you.

Battle enemies

Battling enemies is the easiest way to earn XP, though at a super slow rate. To get involved in a tussle, you have to leave a hub district (Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel, Docks etc) and you should find a few streets worth of enemies before you encounter another hub.

We'd recommend that you clear out a combat district, then head to the nearest hub district, and back out again. That will give the enemies a chance to respawn so you can kill them all over again.

Vampyr - How to Earn XP from Combat, Quests, and Sucking Blood 2

You'll earn somewhere around 50 XP per kill, depending on the enemy, which is very slow, but you also won't have to deal with the fact you might have just killed a vital NPC. If you want to do a no kill run, this method is well worth considering.

Completing quests

Much like in traditional RPGs, completing quests will net you a solid chunk of experience in Vampyr. They come in two different forms: primary quests and investigations. The former requires you to complete your primary objective, while the latter typically furthers your relationship with an individual.

We'd recommend prioritising investigations whenever you uncover them. They typically don't take very long to complete, and that way you'll have a steady stream of XP coming in that will help prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Vampyr - How to Earn XP from Combat, Quests, and Sucking Blood 4

It's also worth noting that, in some cases, you can fail investigations if you don't complete them fast enough. In Vampyr, each time you sleep, time progresses and this can have dire consequences. As such, your primary quest can often wait, while your investigations become the pressing issue.

Feeding from citizens

Make no mistake – you're a vampire with very real blood-sucking needs in Vampyr. So much so, in fact, that draining an NPC of their blood is actually the fastest way to earn XP and unlock new combat skills. The only problem is, this permanently kills that NPC, which can lead to unexpected consequences.

It's entirely up to you which NPC you kill though. We'd recommend getting to know every single one of them so you can make like a twentieth century Dexter and only kill the bad eggs. That, and you do get more XP the more you know about an NPC, so it actually pays to be curious.

Vampyr - How to Earn XP from Combat, Quests, and Sucking Blood 3

You can learn most about a person by talking to them and others within their social circle, and you can check this out at any point by pressing the touchpad on your DualShock. You also might need to complete investigations for them, find a particular quest item, or select the correct dialogue options while talking to them to unlock their full potential.

Finally, you will need the appropriate mesmerise level to lead them off into a dark and shady corner and finish them off. So you might want to grind for XP in combat or by completing quests first, or by taking out another citizen first. The world's your blood-soaked oyster.

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