Vampyr: How to Turn All Districts to Hostile Status Guide 1

How do you turn all districts to hostile status in Vampyr? There are four different districts to 1918's London that you can have an impact on through your choices and actions, and turning them all to hostile status will unlock the London's Burning Trophy. In this Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal how to turn all districts to hostile status.

Vampyr: How to Turn All Districts to Hostile Status

Pembroke Hospital, The Docks, Whitechapel, and West End are the four districts you must turn hostile before the end of the game, with Chapter 4 being your earliest possible opportunity to do so. The fastest way to turn a district hostile is to wait until every citizen has a level three illness and then kill up to five more NPCs in the district. This can be done by embracing a citizen. Once you've done so, sleep in a nearby hideout to update the district's status. This will turn the district hostile.

Repeat this process for the other three districts and you will turn them all hostile, unlocking the London's Burning Trophy at the end.

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