Vampyr: How Long Does It Take to Beat? Guide 1

How long does it take to beat Vampyr? How many hours does Vampyr take to beat? Time is a precious commodity at the moment, especially when you take into consideration the amount of PlayStation 4 games releasing towards the end of this year and the eventual arrival of PlayStation 5. Therefore, you might be wondering how many hours it'll take to complete PS Plus title Vampyr. In this Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal how long it takes to beat the game.

Vampyr: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

If you plan on only engaging with the main story of Vampyr and skipping optional dialogue and side quests, the game will take roughly 15 to 18 hours to beat on a single playthrough. If you do decide to take on all those side missions and complete them whilst levelling up your character and hunting down collectibles and extra weapons, you can expect your playtime to extend to around 28 hours. Unlocking the Platinum Trophy can also be done during this timeframe.

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