The Last of Us 2 How to Kill the Rat King Clicker Boss

How do you kill the Rat King Clicker boss during the Ground Zero chapter of The Last of Us 2? This encounter occurs shortly after Abby's successfully recovered the medical supplies she needs to assist Mel with Yara's surgery. As part of our The Last of Us 2 guide, we're going to share some strategies to help you beat the Rat King, both in its Bloater half and Stalker half guises. For more information, refer to our The Last of Us 2: Ground Zero - All Collectibles: Artefacts, Coins, Workbenches guide or check out our general The Last of Us 2 tips and tricks.

The Last of Us 2: How to Kill the Rat King Clicker Boss

The Rat King Clicker boss fight is arguably the toughest single encounter in the game, so you’ll need to ensure you’re well prepared for it.

The Rat King will rush you and you’ll die instantly if it grabs you, so don’t take risks and always ensure there’s a safe distance between yourself and the boss. Use barriers and walls to ensure that it doesn’t have a direct route to you, because despite its size, this Clicker can move alarmingly fast. It will break through walls, but this will impede its movement speed, giving you time to get away.

The whole area the Rat King boss fight occurs in is designed like a circuit, so we’d recommend moving in circles and putting bullets in the enemy only when you have time to do so. Pipe Bombs can be particularly effective against this foe, so make sure you’re crafting them when there’s a reasonable distance between you and the brute. You can use the game’s lock-on throwing mechanic to ensure the explosives land.

A cut-scene will trigger mid-way through the boss fight, as the Stalker half of the foe separates itself from its host. This will give you two enemies to think about. Shotgun bullets, particularly Incendiary Shells, are effective against the Stalker. Try to retain your original strategy of swift, deliberate movement against the Bloater half of the Rat King, while paying close attention to the Stalker half. Use listen mode to figure out each foe's position, and don’t waste too many resources on the Stalker; you’ll need to kill the Bloater first.

Once you’ve successfully defeated the Bloater half of the Rat King, scoop up any remaining resources and be sure to craft all the offensive items you can – this fight is not over yet. Follow the Exit door out of the boss fight room, and you’ll eventually have to face off against the Stalker half. Unload all your ammunition into the enemy, with the Shotgun once again proving effective to keep it at a distance. Once it’s dead, the Rat King boss fight is over.

Did you kill the Rat King Clicker boss in The Last of Us 2 yet? Share any other effective strategies you've come up with in the comments section, and be sure to refer to our The Last of Us 2 guide for much more information on the game.